26 May, 2006

Time's up

I can blog no more. This is my final post.

Lord Cream Horn is moving on to another job and will be too busy to comment with any frequenct. Why does that matter? because this blog was created so that LCH could rank on me and in the bargain I'd get some wisdom...not that I call elucidations on Crop Circles wisdom....

Along the way, I picked up some normal folks from the left coast, and kepy my cousin entertained (she'd look faithfully every morning for the new post, but only comment on the rarest of occassions)

With that said, I close my blog. I fully intened on printint it out and hopefuly, making some kind of book out of it. Not my comments, mind you: LCH's. And maybe Justin's never ending commentary about the benefits of biodeisel.

I'll still visit the good folks at Perreiro, so you can find me over there cahtting with the Scotts, but otherwise, that's it for me.

Thanks for 10 months!!!!

remember: if anyone asks you why the sky is blue, tell them it's because God loves the Infantry!!
(sky blue is the color of the Army Infantry)

13 May, 2006

Space Travel

I'm trying NOT to give credence to the conspiracy theorists (look! conspiracy has PIRACY in it! arrrrhhhh!) but...

  • if we really did go to the moon, why didn't we go back?
  • and where are the photos of where we landed? Seriously, I we can photo the out reaches of our solar system, so where the heck are the photos of the flag from a Satellite??

by the way, I have no problem with the Gov't looking at my phone calls. Maybe they'll see how many taxes and fees are on the bills and feel ahsmaed for taxing me to death for services I'll never get...that's it...I'm coming into the US from Mexico and having a baby in Tuscon....

09 May, 2006

portly pet owners

think of all the people you know who have those b*tchy little yip yip dogs...chihuahuas, pekinese, etc.

Now, they are all overweight, aren't they. NOT THE DOGS! The owners!

Why is is that fat people and most fat women have little yip yip digs?

08 May, 2006

Gentlemen: start your answers...

The big question today, is med, motorcycles, motor cars and mid-lie crisis: WHY???

We have a group of men (all late 40s to mid 50s) at work, who all have Hraleys. Those who don't have Harelys have "sports cars" or are working on sports cars in the garage.

Most of these folks have children in highschool or on their way to college, so it isn't like empty nest syndrome.

Whe question isn't really WHY...the question is WHATY DO WOMEN DO FOR MID-LIFE CRISIS?

Do we die our hiar: no, we've been doing that for years. But a motorcyle or sports car? no: too impractical.

So why have men cornered this mid-life crisis cash outlay by purcahsing toys, when women don't do the same?

I'mm be 45 in a few years, and want to know what the heck I'm supposed to do for MY mid-life crisis.

Your answers are appreciated.

06 May, 2006


I have realized that I don't have very much to say of late. BUT...

I still have questions...lots of them....

Taking a hint from Burgundy Skies, I've decided to change the format of blod. Burgundy has an "ask me question" Friday where all your questions get answered. I., on the other hand, have lots of questions which YOU will all answer.

Watch this space because tomorrow, I begin asking questions, to which I expect answers.

Now, between the frequent posters to this bolg, you MUST have some answers. Cream Horn, if he ever gets out from under Das Boot and logs on, may have answers. Justin, brilliant physicist that he is had better have answers. Burgundy Skies may not have the answers, but she sure knows where to get them. And David...well, he may have the answers, or at least knows how to write about them

Southern Man's dad passed last week, so I'm sure he's looking for answers.

Prepare yourselves...I've got lots of questions........

one way to get $ for gas

...full story here

03 May, 2006

when mechanics, money, and minds mesh...

you get this

get cracking, Justin, i want a similar retrofit for my Hyundai....

02 May, 2006

Acronym Challenge: the Military Edition

To celebrate my son's impending return from the "sandbox", this month's acronym challenge will have a military theme.

Now, step lively, people and get on it!!!!